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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I don't know how you've stumbled here (stopped promoting this site since high school), but if you're looking for The Ultimate Nerd's blog, click here. (I update it more often now. :D) This Blogger blog can be said as my, er, archive or scrapbook of sorts. If anything, it's how I used to write as a kid. ;) Of course, I'm deleting the posts that have really outdated content.

Other things I'm working on right now are InstilledBee's Studio, my personal website, Pinoy Tech Zone, a technology discussion forum for Filipinos, and Project: Awsm RPG, an indie 2D RPG game (currently on hold, though). I stopped on the online money making sideline since then but I may come back to it, just not making any promises.

I now use my Blogger/Google account to subscribe to other Blogger blogs that I find interesting to follow, just in case you're wondering why this is still here. That, and for nostalgic reasons. :) Don't expect updates here. Like I said, go to my new blog. :D

See ya around!