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Thursday, 11 September 2008

We're moving out!

...or at least I think we are. It's time for a good facelift anyways.
And no, it won't be just some simple template changing or whatnot. I'm moving the blog to my new website. Yeah, it's been my 2nd move actually. The first one from my mini-page in my old site. But then my old host shut down. So I had to move here. And now I'm moving again. Just to keep things alive and kicking. And to let the readers know (if any) that I'm still here. :D
I'll keep you guys posted on what happens next. For now, if you wanna see my other blogging material, go here.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Linkgrand paid me!

Just yesterday I requested payout from Linkgrand. Today it was waiting for me at my Paypal account. =D

This just proves that Linkgrand is a legitimate and paying program. :D 24-hour quick payments as soon as you request it.

If you are wondering what Linkgrand has to offer, check this. (Info taken from their Help section)

How much money will I earn for clicking on one link?
For each link, you will earn $0.003. For every 10 links, this equals three cents ($0.03). You can earn more money by referring other members to our program and receiving 30% of the earnings they make by clicking links.

How much money will I earn from my referrals?
You will receive 30% of the earnings your referrals make on clicking links. This works out to $0.0009 for each link they click. If an advertiser makes a purchase from your referral URL, you will receive 10% of that purchase.

Can I click a link more than once?
Yes, you may click a link as many times as you wish. However, you will only receive credit if you are logged in and the circle beside the link is green.

When and how can I cashout my earnings?
You must have at least $5.00 in your account to cashout your earnings. All cashouts are made via Paypal. You must have a Paypal account. You may cashout at any time as long as these conditions are met.

If I purchase a link, how many hits will I receive and how long will it stay on the website?
You will receive many hits. At minimum, you will receive the amount of your purchase, currently $5.00 per thousand hits. Your link will stay on our website as long as possible. We hope to be open forever!

So if you're interested, join now!

If you want to advertise with them, click here instead.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

One long vacation? Meh.

Hmmm... I've got another case of happy fingers. =)) Better waste off all this energy here, than by doin' something else. (Heh.)

Well, let's see, I haven't enjoyed my vacation to the fullest yet. So let me enjoy it first! >:P

I'm planning to redo the blog's layout though. The dark stuff's so old. Gotta keep up with the times. :D

And we're getting bigger with each day, now the blog has had up to 1,400+ unique visitors, I have to keep up with that. I have to post more interesting stuffs and such, and make sure people don't get bored so we can reach 2,000 real soon. ;)

I'm nearing payout with a few of my GPT programs. Keep a lookout for news, and of course payment proofs. :D

That's all for now. Regards to all readers!

Monday, 28 April 2008

New Banner for Me!

Can I hear some comments there, huh? :D

If you want to help me promote my little blog here, you may do so with this image. Thanks! :D

Sunday, 27 April 2008

x10Hosting - Fast, Easy, and FREE Hosting

You want to set up your own website fast?

You need a hosting service provider, which is FREE, PACKED with FEATURES, such as cPanel 10, MySQL 4, Apache, PHP 5 and LOTS MORE?

Then join x10Hosting now! x10Hosting provides users with their own webspace free of charge! Also packed with nice features like cPanel 10, 100MB - 2.5GB space, 3 - 45GBs bandwidth, PHP 5.25, FTP access, MySQL 4.x, Apache 2.2, and lots more, including Fantastico, and not to mention a nice forum where you can get support or just hang out!

They have 2 plans, the Ad-Supported one (you'll have to post the ad-code yourself on your pages) and the Ad-Free one. Ad-Supported plans have more space (up to 2.5GBs) and bandwidth (up to 45GBs) though with the catch of ads. Ad-Free ones have limited space (300MB, 10GB bandwidth) but you're not required to post ads!

The only catch to the free hosting (applies to both plans) is that you'll have to register and login every two weeks to their forums. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? Seeing as you benefit from them and all, giving a little bit back isn't too much, right? ;)
So, join now!

Click here to register now!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Mini City

Have you ever wanted to run your own city, without much hassle? You can now, with this fun little browser-based online game (no need to install) Just visit the site and then register to build your own city!

Here's an example, my own city! ^^

Click Me!

Enjoy the game! ^^

Friday, 4 April 2008

The New PickJack

The PickJack system has been renewed, and made even better. That's right, the "make-money-with-polls" program has been improved so that making money is even better. New things like uploading pics with your polls, rankings, and improved bidding will make making money with this site even better. ;) Referral system has also been added.

Just click the logo to enter the site. :D

And BTW, The Ultimate Nerd had its 1,000th visitor a few days ago. *woot*

Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Money-Making Links

Found these ones recently. Hope you like them! | View Ads, Get Paid is another PTC site. Many links there everyday (more than 5) each worth $0.01. There is a $0.05 sign-up bonus. Payouts are at $10 using AlertPay.

Clix4Coins offers at least 4 links, each worth $0.02. There's also a $3 sign-up bonus and the payout minimum is $20 and can be requested to your AlertPay account.

Bux3 is a PTC site similar to If you know then you wouldn't have much trouble with the site's basics. Many links here too, just like the original Payouts is at $10 and are done through AlertPay

Saturday, 12 January 2008


There's a list of lots of interesting links to click on the right column of the blog pages.

Maybe you would like to click one of them. ;)

Occasionally I'd review one of the sites so check often so you could see if some of the sites work for you. :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Found New Money-Making Sites!

If you are interested, simply click the links (blue text) to join. I'll appreciate it very much if you did not remove any part of the links. ;)

PickJack - Earn Cash By Answering Polls

Nope it's not another survey site but a poll site in which you interact with other members! Earn points for activity and "auction" them in a built-in bidding system. PickJack will buy back any good bids and send the money directly to the PayPal address you have on file (the same address on your registration will be used so take note of that.)

CoinClicks.Net - Easy PTC

If you're looking for an easy PTC, look no further. Simple: $1 Payouts, Up to $0.01 per click. Simple and easy. Payouts are on either PayPal or E-Gold, and you can also buy ad space from them. Join now!

MyLot - Get Paid to Discuss!

A community site that pays you to post and participate in discussions. Just post good stuff, and you'll be paid for it! Payout is at $10, either through MoneyBookers or PayPal.

AdverBux - Get Paid for Playing Games, and viewing ads!

At Adverbux, not only will you get paid for usual "ad surfing", but you'll also get paid for playing flash games, searching the internet, and doing special "action ads" which are quite similar to GPT offers. Plus, they have a forum you can participate on!