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Sunday, 27 April 2008

x10Hosting - Fast, Easy, and FREE Hosting

You want to set up your own website fast?

You need a hosting service provider, which is FREE, PACKED with FEATURES, such as cPanel 10, MySQL 4, Apache, PHP 5 and LOTS MORE?

Then join x10Hosting now! x10Hosting provides users with their own webspace free of charge! Also packed with nice features like cPanel 10, 100MB - 2.5GB space, 3 - 45GBs bandwidth, PHP 5.25, FTP access, MySQL 4.x, Apache 2.2, and lots more, including Fantastico, and not to mention a nice forum where you can get support or just hang out!

They have 2 plans, the Ad-Supported one (you'll have to post the ad-code yourself on your pages) and the Ad-Free one. Ad-Supported plans have more space (up to 2.5GBs) and bandwidth (up to 45GBs) though with the catch of ads. Ad-Free ones have limited space (300MB, 10GB bandwidth) but you're not required to post ads!

The only catch to the free hosting (applies to both plans) is that you'll have to register and login every two weeks to their forums. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? Seeing as you benefit from them and all, giving a little bit back isn't too much, right? ;)
So, join now!

Click here to register now!