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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A.W. Survey - Nice survey site

I just want to share this nice survey site I found today.

A.W. Surveys is one of the fastest growing survey sites which is simple and easy. For one, the hassles of account creation are minimized. You only need to provide minimal information, such as those required for payment, and for demography for the surveys which will be given to you. Registration is also open to anybody in the world, as long as payment can reach them.

The earning system involves making money from answering surveys available as soon as you log in to your account. Once logged in you will see a list of surveys for you along with site announcements. The surveys pay anywhere from $1 to $25, plus there is a special $6 welcome bonus for newly registered users. A small credit is also given to those who refer other users to the site, an extra $1.25 is added to your account's earnings. So you see, earning is quite easy, either by taking surveys or referring friends and family! There are always a lot of surveys available, and probably most of your friends and family want to earn money just like you, so you can sign them up to A.W. Surveys!

Payout minimum is at $75, and two options are available, either by US Postal service, only available to US users, or by Paypal, which is available to anyone who is allowed to use the features of Paypal. US Postal service is free but is only available on the US, and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Paypal, meanwhile, requires an extra $25 from your account, because of the fees, and is quite speedy. Within 3-5 days the payment arrives on your Paypal account.

So join A.W. Surveys now and start getting paid for your opinion!
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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Donate your share to help against world hunger!

Want to know how you can help against world hunger? Read on...

There's this site in which you can play a simple word game, but just through playing you are actually donating! How is that possible?

As you play the game, you answer some word-related questions. If you get one right, you are also donating an extra 10 grains of rice which will go to the UN, which in turn could be used to help against world hunger.

Where do they get the money to buy rice donations? From the site advertisers. You see, the game's questions are loaded on a single page. If you'll look at the bottom of a page, you'll see various ad links. Every time a game page is loaded, the ads are shown, generating revenue for the site in turn. This revenue is what is used for buying rice.

It's that simple. Play, get some right answers, and you help. Imagine if you were to get a lot of right answers? One single correct choice gives an instant 10 grains towards ending poverty. Five answers give an extra 50 grains. 20 answers = 200 grains. 50 answers = 500 grains. 100 answers = 1,000 grains, and so on. You'll have to be really devoted if you want to give a million grains. ;)

So far already 450+ million grains of rice have been donated, and more is adding up each day. Donate your share today!

Official site:

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