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Saturday, 25 August 2007

I Didn't Violate That ****ing Terms!

As you can see at the right, you'll notice the hit counter has changed. Why? Read on.

It all started when I fired up my blog. Lo and behold I saw this red piece of code that states, from my old free counter service, that I violated their terms and therefore, the counter has been disabled.

I said to myself, "What the hell?!" I haven't altered their code at all, so what reason do they have to disable my counter? When I first put the counter code, I just copy-pasted it exactly as they put on their site, and never changed it since. I was so bothered by that crap that I just decided to use a new counter.

My new free counter service is let's just hope it goes alright now.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Back to web design... still busy...

It's been a long time since I took up web design, but now I'm back.

Good thing that my knowledge in the area is still imminent =))

I started studying web design just last summer. And during that same time I had some practice by creating two different sites: my own site, and my class's site, the 2-Simplicity website.

After that I took a long silence from web design. Those two sites never got updated for a long time. Well, now I'm back, and I'm planning to improve those two sites greatly. It's what I call "V2" time =D

With more software on my arsenal(lol), such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and 3 GIF animators =D, I should be able to make better web pages.

For those who are willing to wait, then wait. I just hope the wait will be worth it =))

And as you can see now, I do have a lot of work on my hands. Another reason I don't blog often. =D Yet, I'm sure of the money-making possibilities with AdSense as long as posts keep being crawled, and relevant ads keep being displayed. And I sure do hope people click on them. =))

P.S. - I only know HTML. I don't have any knowledge on server-side languages such as PHP, Pearl, Java and many more =D Heck I don't even know XHTML =))

Monday, 20 August 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Nostalgia

If you haven't heard about this Pinoy band you outta know now.

Ever heard of The Bloomfields? You know... that new band which is great at rock 'n' roll music?

They're one great band, comprised of 5 members, and they really can rock 'n' roll. The members are Rocky Callado, on drums and vocals; Louie Poco, on bass and vocals; Lakan Hila, on keyboards and vocals; Jay Jay Lozano, on guitars, synth and vocals; and Pepe Lozano, Jay Jay's brother, on guitars and vocals. As you can see, all of them have good vocal skills. In most of their songs in fact, they have great vocal harmony, which would probably remind you of some of those great band legends like The Beatles.

They have released their first, self-titled album a few months ago, which is filled with both old and their original songs. The old hits include some great tunes like, "If I Fell", "At The Hop", "Never Let Her Slip Away", and a lot more. They also put in their original compositions, both Tagalog and English lyrics, such as "Wala Nang Iba", "Say You Do", and many more. For a good price, you can get the CD in record outlets here in the Philippines, and it is a great deal, leaving you listening to them for hours, like me, and giving some of that awesome rock 'n' roll nostalgia...

They have also performed in a lot of concerts, and they also now have 2 music videos, one for "Ale" and one for "Wala Nang Iba". You can find their music videos and concert vidoes in YouTube. Just do a search on their band and see what you can find.

They even have their own spot on the 'Net. Check it out on this link, or type this in your address bar: It's full of pics, gig schedules, band profile and a lot more.

I hope I have supplied you with enough Bloomfields info for now. Enjoy and keep on rockin' and rollin'!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Overview on Making Money Online

Ok, for those who are pondering on or are curious making money online, come in.

How'd you like to be able to make money just by sitting at home, and doing it right in front of computer? For me, I like the idea. Especially now that there are lots of sites which offer making money online, the opportunities are varied, from clicking links, reading e-mails and even blogging.

You can make money by publishing advertisements to your site or blog. There are sites which give you those kinds of opportunities. Services such as Google Adsense, BidVertiser and others give you this opportunity for free. I have posted something about Adsense here. Please look it up. :)

Lots of sites on the Internet, I have seen, are now focused on giving a free service which allow people to make money simply by clicking and reading ads, or e-mail. The latter I don't recommend; usually you'll be flooded with e-mails if you sign up to those kinds of services, which is a bummer especially if you have limited e-mail space and your e-mail account doesn't have a Junk folder.

There are many sites I have signed up for making money online. Even though it isn't paying yet, I have trust and confidence in these sites that I will earn with them. For those sites, I have listed them on the right side of the site. You can sign up to any of them. Enjoy! :)

Making money online is easy, once you get the hang of it. It is an opportunity for anyone who has computer and internet access, a student, at-home moms, even retired people. All you need is patience and time.

To our success!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Not been blogging lately... =D

Long time no blog... I wonder why...?

Well there's a perfectly good reason for that...

For one, been busy doing photoshop requests, both in Symbianize and outside of it =D and learning some Dreamweaver and Flash along the way to redo the 2-Simplicity, my class, website... sigh.. I forgot about that.

Anyway, it's very cold here. A supertyphoon just hit the country... but the good news is there have been no classes for half of the school week! XD

I have to pause here for now... maybe when I find a good time I'll have a long post underway =D