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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Google AdSense on My Blog

It's great being able to make money with my blog. How? Through Google AdSense.

Those Google ads you see on the right and at the bottom of the page are making me money for every click my blog viewers make. Indeed, Adsense is a great way to make money with a site or blog.

And ad impressions/clicks aren't the only way to make money with them. The search box is not only a great add-on tool on my blog, but it makes some extra cash for each search result you may find useful.

Since I just signed up for AdSense I may not expect some good results now, but I will. I just know it's a promising opportunity.

How do I make money with AdSense? I get paid either by CPM(Cost per Mille/Thousand/Impression), or for each unique, valid click on the ads.

CPM refers to the impressions I may display on the site. That is, how many times it is shown. More site/blog viewers mean more impressions. CPM rates vary, according to Google, so earnings can be high or low for CPM advertising. See-saw effect, eh?

Of course, there is earnings to be expected for actual clicks on the ads. I get paid for each valid, unique click on the ads. That means each unique user that clicks on the ads qualifies as additional earnings to my AdSense account.

That's why AdSense is a good choice for most publishers who are looking to use their vacant site/blog space that is an advertising opportunity.