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Saturday, 14 July 2007

It's Cramming Time

I really need to blow off some steam, so that's why I am blogging, again.

Blogging isn't just a stress-reliever for me, it's a hobby. But right now I consider it a stress-reliever. Have too much work to do, and I don't think I can finish it all in time.

Wonder what that "work" is? Photoshop requests, school projects, a news article, to name a few. And boy, do I have to relearn the basics of cramming, hehehe..

I used to cram before, that was when I was lazy. And when I say lazy, I mean laaaaaaazzzzzyyyy...... but I've managed to break the habit, yet I have to redo it again this time, at least only for now, I have to do lots of work. If I don't do so, most likely I won't be finished with any at all.

Well, I still have more work to do, and I guess this is where I stop typing, for now.